Berlin 9 Conference Program Announced: Focus on Innovation, Transforming Discovery and Citizen Science

The Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, issued in 2003 by international research, scientific, and cultural institutions, promotes the Internet as a medium for disseminating global knowledge. It has been signed by the leaders of over 300 research institutions, libraries, archives, museums, funding agencies, and governments from around the world. The program for the international Berlin 9 Open Access meeting that is to be held in Washington DC, November 9-10, 2011 has been announced in a press release:

The program committee for the meeting has been examining the role that Open Access can play in accelerating the conduct and communication of scholarship, and the opportunities this presents to the funders, creators, and end users of this information. They have identified five key topics to explore:

  • Transforming Research through Open Online Access to Discovery Inputs and Outputs
  • Creation of Innovative New Opportunities for Scholarship and Business
  • The Impact of Open Access and Open Repositories on Research in the Humanities
  • Open Education: Linking Learning and Research through Open Access
  • Public Interaction: the Range and Power of Open Access for Citizen Science, Patients, and Large-scale Collaboration

Speakers for each topic area are being invited and will be announced this fall.”

For more information on Berlin 9 Open Access meeting visit the official website.

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