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Dr. Louis De Smet Talks to InTech about Nanowires, Science and Open Access

Nanowire Decoration with Organic Compounds: Tuning Sensor Sensitivity and Specificity Dr. De Smet is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering of Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. Together with three group members he wrote a review chapter … Continue reading

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InTech Publishes 15 New, Specialised Books

15 brand new books have just been uploaded on our online reading platform InTechOpen. With a base of 450+ OA books, InTech places itself as the world leader in publishing highly specialised OA books, growing the number of its devoted … Continue reading

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Be Aware-Your Handkerchief Might Become Solarly Charged

Solar energy materials and solar cells on the forefront of breaking new frontiers in the global energy market Fact: More than half of the potential global non-renewable energy has been exhausted since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Nevertheless, the … Continue reading

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InTech at the Hartera Festival – A T-Shirt for Your Thought!

Hartera music festival uses an old paper factory set in Rijeka, Croatia, to turn it into a three-day-mecca for musicians, students, young sculptors, photographers and painters and, this weekend exclusively, for our open access advocates. We have set up a … Continue reading

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12 New Open Access Books by InTech

We have 12 new Open Access books on our reading platform InTechOpen. Currently we have a base of 450+ OA books, and we countinue to grow rapidly. Enjoy InTech’s latest publications, read them, download them and share them with your … Continue reading

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