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Open Access Comments: June’s Featured News

Open Access Comments is a new website with daily feed of news that will focus on conversations around open access, open licensing, open students, open scientists, open repositories, open libraries and similar open values. I invite you to join the … Continue reading

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OAI7 Open Access Advocacy Session: Conversation, Emerging Trends, Integration

OAI7 Workshop on Innovation in Scholarly Communication that ended last week in Geneva is that sort of a workshop that stores gems in your mind that you can use for a personal enlightenment later, when all the open access folks … Continue reading

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Loosing Track of Everything? New Technologies Solve It for You

InTech launches its newest Journal’s first issue in Radio Frequency Identification and Wireless  Sensor Networks Today,  Open  Access  publisher  InTech  launches  its   most   recent, groundbreaking Journal’s first issue in the International Journal of Radio Frequency Identification & Wireless … Continue reading

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InTechOpen – 5 New Open Access Books

We invite you to leaf through freely available papers on nanocrystal, high-Tc superconductivity, image fusion, speech and language technologies and elctromagnetic waves, launched last week and added to our InTechOpen reading platform. Five new books are all open access, free … Continue reading

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Open Access Map Launched

In November last year, the Open Access Map was presented as an emerging measuring tool for Open Access as a standalone discipline which is experiencing dramatic growth. On June, 23, at the OAI7 conference on Innovation in Scholarly Communication, Alma … Continue reading

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The Future in Nano Miniatures?

InTech proudly steps into the world of Nano, launching the first issue of the Journal  Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology. Under the editorship of Dr. Paola Prete, who obtained her PhD in Physics at the University of Bari in 1991 and was … Continue reading

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OAI7 Workshop at CERN – Attending? Yes!

CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication also known as OAI7, will be held at the University of Geneva on 22-24 June 2011. Main themes will involve Open Access publishing, integration and advocacy, heading towards machine-actionable scholarly communication, Open Science … Continue reading

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