From InTechWeb Blog to InTech Open

Dear all,

InTech’s blogging team would like to make an announcement. As you may have noticed, we haven’t been posting often lately; however, we have been working on other online communication channels to give our open access and science audiences all the latest news, updates, reports and overviews on our publications, activities, and the latest of science in general.

As much as we loved working on InTechWeb Blog, we kindly invite you to read all of our posts and articles on InTech Open, our official web-site, or to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as we will discontinue uploading articles here.

InTechWeb Blog will still be accessible in the form of an online archive giving anyone the possibility to browse through all our previous posts.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and do visit us at InTech Open to discover more of our articles.

– InTech blogging team


About Ana Nodilo

pr online manager at InTech
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