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Lawrence Lessig Discusses Open Access Movement at CERN

Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard professor, and a leader of the free culture movement, held a lecture at CERN recently, discussing the architecture of access to scientific knowledge on the internet. While explaining “how badly we have messed things up” by … Continue reading

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Raging at the Post-Modern World: Brave New Jarred Research?

“What if death is nothing but sound? Electrical noise. You hear it forever…. uniform, white.” (Don DeLillo, White Noise) Leyden Jar stores electricity of its own by connecting back to itself. According to Baudrillard’s critique of modernity, the visual experience … Continue reading

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What a Tangled Web!

A former boss of mine used to say that organizations are like swans. If you look at a swan swimming on water, it looks beautiful and serene. But if you were able to see what was going on underwater, you … Continue reading

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Open Access on Gliese 581 g

Recently, a habitable exoplanet Gliese 581 g has been found and this notion stimulates a whole new set of ideas for a utopian community of Gliesians. The planet which is three times the mass of Earth is in a habitable … Continue reading

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What is Google Scholar?

What does it mean to stand on a shoulder of a giant? The phrase doesn’t stand for tramping on poor giant’s face and blinding his eyes with mud in order to have a better view. It implies finding out everything … Continue reading

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Why Open Access Brings Greater Dissemination of the Scientific Results

The goal of scientific and scholarly publication is to record research activity in a timely fashion, so that other members in the research community can be up-to-date with current research development. Not so long ago, the printed journals were the … Continue reading

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