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Metrics Remixed: The Times They Are a Webby

“See the mind at work and see the mind in work…” (from REMIXTHEBOOK review) “Until quite recently the complete justification for even the most complex scientific facts could be understood by a single person,” Michael Nielsen reminds us before describing … Continue reading

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The Musalman – The Last Handwritten Newspapers In The World

Calligraphy is, for Muslims, a visible expression of the highest art of all, the art of the spiritual world, since they believe that Quran was recited by Allah to Mohammed. The word Quran does mean “recitation”, literally. In Chennai, the … Continue reading

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New Term: Open Access Prime

Open Access Prime, or OA marked with an inverted comma as in OA’ is a new term defined in Peter Suber‘s recent newsletter as the literature that is OA in every respect expect that it is offline. It is digital, … Continue reading

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Lawrence Lessig Discusses Open Access Movement at CERN

Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard professor, and a leader of the free culture movement, held a lecture at CERN recently, discussing the architecture of access to scientific knowledge on the internet. While explaining “how badly we have messed things up” by … Continue reading

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The Future According to Google Search Results – In the Year 2076 Average Scientific Paper Will Have More Than 24 Authors

If we are to believe Randall Munroe, the maker of the brilliant xkcd.com comic, the future of the next 100 years is easily searchable via Google, and we are to look forward to such things as robots given same rights … Continue reading

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Raging at the Post-Modern World: Brave New Jarred Research?

“What if death is nothing but sound? Electrical noise. You hear it forever…. uniform, white.” (Don DeLillo, White Noise) Leyden Jar stores electricity of its own by connecting back to itself. According to Baudrillard’s critique of modernity, the visual experience … Continue reading

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InTech Office – Moving Back to Where It All Began

Open access technology, now the backbone of a global scale publishing revolution, was once merely an idea that was floated by students on campuses and taken up by a small number of their college professors. Open access to papers in … Continue reading

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