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8 New Open Access Books – Use Them, You Can’t Lose Them!

A summer collection of our open access books keeps growing. This week, we add a new set of eight to the stack. Discover what’s new in the world of science, technology and medicine and browse through our August publications.

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What a Tangled Web!

A former boss of mine used to say that organizations are like swans. If you look at a swan swimming on water, it looks beautiful and serene. But if you were able to see what was going on underwater, you … Continue reading

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Open Access Movement in Developing Countries

The question has been raised about Open Access supporting the developing countries, and is it really sustainable by the institutions from developing countries? The surest way to find out is to pose that question to members of such institutions. To … Continue reading

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What Should I Do Next? – InTech Publishing Process

First thing that you should ask yourself when wondering what is next in publication process is where you are at. If you are publishing with InTech you can check the next step by checking this answer. The answers and corresponding ”next steps” … Continue reading

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Open Access Myths – What is the Definition of Free in OA?

Free as a bird, a free meal, free pass, free time…There are numerous syntagma where we can use the word free and one of them is used in terms of Open Access publishing. The explanation behind the troublesome word for … Continue reading

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Why Open Access Brings Greater Dissemination of the Scientific Results

The goal of scientific and scholarly publication is to record research activity in a timely fashion, so that other members in the research community can be up-to-date with current research development. Not so long ago, the printed journals were the … Continue reading

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HighWire Press – Stanford University

HighWire Press is a partner to independent scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university presses and it facilitates the digital dissemination of 1396 journals, reference works, books, and proceedings. Located in Palo Alto, California, HighWire is a division of the Stanford … Continue reading

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Open Access Repositories – Choosing the Content is Very Important

The most common type of content in OA repositories is the peer-reviewed journal literature. Their authors benefit from increased visibility of their work and accompanying citation impact. The institutions can, through Open Access repositories, make their research programmes visible worldwide … Continue reading

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InTech’s Publishing Model as Disruptive Innovation

InTech founders Aleksandar Lazinica and Vedran Kordic, started out in 2004 with an inspiring mission to utilize the disruptive potential of Open Access to broaden access to knowledge. InTech started publishing journals and books covering fields of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, … Continue reading

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Why Open Scientific Publishing is not the Thing of the Past

In 1960s, a dada artist named Ray Johnson established the New York Correspondence School (NYCS). He was a mail artist invading mailboxes everywhere with mail bunnies, imaginary fan clubs, and correspondence wordplays. Mail artists around the world embraced his idea … Continue reading

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