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Selected Reading on Research Works Act – Why You Should Care?

If you can remember the SOPA strike (that day when Wikipedia went black), then it’s possible that you’ve checked the list of the SOPA supporters. You may have noticed, among others, the American Association of Publishers (AAP) and Elsevier, the … Continue reading

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Conversations Around Open Access: Dr. Colman-Lerner, University of La Plata, Argentina

Dr. Jorge Colman-Lerner is a professor of Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics at the Engineering Faculty, National University of La Plata, Argentina. An author with a long list of publications behind him, and a director of many projects in Argentina and … Continue reading

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Open Access Comments: June’s Featured News

Open Access Comments is a new website with daily feed of news that will focus on conversations around open access, open licensing, open students, open scientists, open repositories, open libraries and similar open values. I invite you to join the … Continue reading

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OAI7 Open Access Advocacy Session: Conversation, Emerging Trends, Integration

OAI7 Workshop on Innovation in Scholarly Communication that ended last week in Geneva is that sort of a workshop that stores gems in your mind that you can use for a personal enlightenment later, when all the open access folks … Continue reading

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