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Getting the Show on the Road: 26 New Open Access Books

With 26 new books added to our collection, we are drawing closer to number 700 of various titles in science, technology and medicine. Our publications are free for you to read, share and download and take them with you on … Continue reading

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How Genotoxic Are We? Let The Government Tell You

First issue of new journal exploring the subject launched Have you ever thought about what lies on your food plate during dinner time? Yes, it is food indeed. But what really hides underneath it? InTech has an answer for you:  … Continue reading

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Have You Already Picked Your Way to Participate in the Open Access Week?

If you don’t know the plan yet, it is to make Open Access Week bigger than ever this year. International Open Access Week lasts from October 24th through the 31st and “students are its driving force, pushing Open Access forward,” … Continue reading

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…A week later…16 New Open Access Books!

As promised, no slacking allowed while we hectically upload 16 new books on our open reading platform comprising leading-edge research chapters. Novel trends, theories, applications, and practices are included in our STM books providing our readership with valuable knowledge to … Continue reading

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Watch Your Heartbeat: We Have 24 New Open Access Books

One would think that the books we have prepared for you on Monday would cram our binary shells and leave no space for new publications. However, we have added 24 new open access books to our reading platform. We are … Continue reading

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Keeping Up The Pace: InTech Publishes 38 New Open Access Books

There is no slowing down here at InTech as we are never idle when it comes to satisfying our demanding readership. Our team has just uploaded 38 new, highly-engaging books covering the most dynamic areas of research today. Each book … Continue reading

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InTech Open Access Publisher – Top 10 Books and Top 10 Book Chapters for August

Fresh information about August’s top reading is now available. The InTechOpen Top 10 presents the most downloaded book chapters and book titles. On the following list meet the distinguished authors who attracted the widest readership last month. Most Downloaded Books: … Continue reading

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20 New Open Access Books by InTech

20 new books are uploaded to our reading platform adding to our growing collection of more than 500 open access books free for you to read, share and download. We are pleased to be able to feed the best research … Continue reading

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Interview With Dr. Marc-Eric Halatsch

About Glioblastomas And Future Developments on Cancer Cures Dr. Marc-Eric Halatsch, Professor of Neurosurgery and a member of several  professional organizations such as the German National Academic Foundation,  was active as the German representative of the Young Neurosurgeons’ Committee of … Continue reading

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