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International Rare Disease Day: Get Involved and Lend a Helping Hand

Today, February 29th, is marked as the fifth International Rare Disease Day. Coordinated by EURORDIS and in collaboration with rare disease national alliances in 25 European countries, patient organisations from all over the globe will be organising activities under the … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With Science : InTech Publishes 49 New Books For You To Get Hold Of Right Now

There is no slowing down here at InTech as we are never go idle when it comes to satisfying our demanding readership. Our team has just uploaded 49 new, highly-engaging books covering the most dynamic areas of research today. Each … Continue reading

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Metrics Remixed: The Times They Are a Webby

“See the mind at work and see the mind in work…” (from REMIXTHEBOOK review) “Until quite recently the complete justification for even the most complex scientific facts could be understood by a single person,” Michael Nielsen reminds us before describing … Continue reading

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Bring Your Cups: 34 New Open Access Books

Feeling thirsty for knowledge, lately? If you would only bring your cup, we will make it brim with knowledge. Browse through our newest collection of 34 new open access books, and remember, no matter how much you carry out, we … Continue reading

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Open Access on a String – Cut It and It Will Grow Back

The Federal Research Public Access Act was introduced to the White House on February, 9 by representatives Doyle, Yoder, and and Lacy Clay. Exactly what Research Works Act wanted to prohibit, the FRPAA would require, or the open access policies … Continue reading

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Open Access – Sending You Love Letters since 2002

Thanks to Design Team at InTech Open Access Publisher.

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Sponge this Up, It is Possible That we Sprang from Sponges: 30 New Open Access Books

Yes, the sponge may be our earliest ancestor, but we have evolved quite since, and we have started to write science, and then we have evolved some more and started making this science open access. Please find time to absorb … Continue reading

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Site Offline: Please Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Due to an overwhelming amount of visits to our official website, our servers have been temporarily taken offline. We are in the middle of upgrading them, and the site should be back up soon. Please have patience during this outage. … Continue reading

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We Don’t like Mondays But We Do Love Our New 42 Specialised Books

As much as Mondays are tough and new challenges arise for us to keep up the hard work, we have 42 brand new publications just published online for you to browse through, read, share and download, all free of charge … Continue reading

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InTech Sponsors and Joins The 7th International Symposium on Agriculture

InTech’s headquarters home country, Croatia, is about to hold the 47th Croatian and 7th International Symposium on Agriculture, to take place in Opatija on February 13-17. As the official sponsor of the event, InTech and its team will join researchers, … Continue reading

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