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What is Google Scholar?

What does it mean to stand on a shoulder of a giant? The phrase doesn’t stand for tramping on poor giant’s face and blinding his eyes with mud in order to have a better view. It implies finding out everything … Continue reading

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New Office

InTech has moved to a new office. We are proud to present some photos of the place where new creative ideas about Open Access are yet to be contemplated, where new publishing process is yet to be devised and where … Continue reading

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MIT Makes All Faculty Publications Open Access

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has defined its mission as the one which will “best serve the nation and the world in 21st century”. That the institute has made its scholarly articles openly accessible is not exactly news but it … Continue reading

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Open Access Movement in Developing Countries

The question has been raised about Open Access supporting the developing countries, and is it really sustainable by the institutions from developing countries? The surest way to find out is to pose that question to members of such institutions. To … Continue reading

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Librarians and Libraries and Open Access

“Roses red and violets blue stays unread till paid by you” How can librarians prove that their libraries still provide education? Their situation is nohow a warming one. However, the solution couldn’t be more simple. Complex Situation Libraries order journals … Continue reading

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InTech’s Got a YouTube Channel!

We are glad to inform you that our new InTech YouTube channel is set and working. Since we’ve just created it, there are not much videos online (10+), but we will update it regularly. Our profile contains a lot of … Continue reading

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What Should I Do Next? – InTech Publishing Process

First thing that you should ask yourself when wondering what is next in publication process is where you are at. If you are publishing with InTech you can check the next step by checking this answer. The answers and corresponding ”next steps” … Continue reading

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