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Metrics Remixed: The Times They Are a Webby

“See the mind at work and see the mind in work…” (from REMIXTHEBOOK review) “Until quite recently the complete justification for even the most complex scientific facts could be understood by a single person,” Michael Nielsen reminds us before describing … Continue reading

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Open Access Comments: June’s Featured News

Open Access Comments is a new website with daily feed of news that will focus on conversations around open access, open licensing, open students, open scientists, open repositories, open libraries and similar open values. I invite you to join the … Continue reading

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InTech: 8,000 authors favour Open Access and see direct evidence of the positive impact

InTech, an Open Access publisher, has finally made available results from a recent survey of over 8,000 of our authors to determine their attitudes towards Open Access. The benefits of the Open Access (OA) model continue to be debated by … Continue reading

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What Would Ginsberg Write To Open Access?

So this Green Automobile I give you in flight, a present, a present from my imagination. (Allen Ginsberg, The Green Automobile) What if Allen Ginsberg had “invented imagined and visioned” his green automobile driving petabytes of data through nodded cables … Continue reading

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Open Access Peer Review – Which One? Any One?

There’s been much talk lately about peer review techniques in Open Access publishing, and special attention was paid to it at Scholarly Kitchen. Yet another hard question is posed upon Open Access advocates who are to regulate the new and … Continue reading

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