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Open Access Year End Highlights: Coming Up Roses?

How to look geeky on your last day at work? Pick out the year end highlights in Open Access and take much joy in it. A remarkable year, 2011, powerful both in discourse and action around the movement, with far … Continue reading

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World Sustainable Energy Conference 2012-Geneva

InTech has done it again: in order to promote one of the most dynamic research areas, raise awareness on current global issues, meet renowned representatives of the most authoritative world organisations in the field, InTech has become an official participant, … Continue reading

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Your Weekly Dose of Science Served on Our Open Access Silver Platter

We are glad to inform you that we have uploaded online your new, weekly dose of scientific knowledge to browse through right away. Depending on your field of interest, you can choose from 23 books covering the most updated, red-hot … Continue reading

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Searching for Higgs Where Things Flow About

Higgs boson would be responsible for the mass property of a quark, and to try and recreate it we need to recreate the first fractions of a second after the Big Bang, also known as the quark epoch. The number … Continue reading

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Get out of the cold, warm up with a good book

Winter is here and it’s a great time to stay inside and read. Fortunately we at InTech have just published 16 new, interesting, and informative books available for free. Check out InTechOpen to read these and hundreds of other books … Continue reading

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How Ironic: Promoting Open Science Through a Subscription-based Journal. But is It?

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, 57th richest man on earth and founder of Vulcan Inc. took it upon himself to promote and advocate something we at InTech have at heart: open science and open data. The article, stating Allen’s latest … Continue reading

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InTech Open Access Publisher – Top 10 Books and Top 10 Book Chapters for November

Fresh information about November’s top reading is now available. The InTechOpen Top 10 presents the most downloaded book chapters and book titles. On the following list meet the distinguished authors who attracted the widest readership last month. Most Downloaded Books: … Continue reading

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Open Access in the Balkans: Old Mountains and a Wishing Well?

There is a hum, or maybe a discourse, that someone will find about tomorrow, and maybe no one will try to hear it. You, however, you need to grasp it with your thoughts, today! (Miro Antić, Serbian poet) Croatia, Serbia, … Continue reading

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