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Share 2 Conference: Delete Your Facebook Account Now

The Share 2 Conference took place in Belgrade through April 26 – 28, inviting speakers such as Isak Gerson, Aubrey de Grey, George Hotz, Eben Moglen, Khannea Suntzu, Andrew Keen, Bruce Sterling, Smari McCarthy and many others, discussing social media, … Continue reading

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World Book and Copyright Day: Book, Do You Take Copyright to Be Your “Awfully” Wedded Wife?

‘Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind.’ (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote) UNESCO organizes World Book and Copyright Day around the world to promote reading, … Continue reading

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Alma Swan: Open Access Funder Policies to Unlock the Gate to a Broader EcoSystem of Open

UNESCO’s Guidelines for the Promotion of Open Access are to serve decision makers and funders of scientific research, and form a part of UNESCO’s strategy plan for Open Access. The paper, written by Alma Swan, one of the leading experts … Continue reading

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Open Science on Quora: Why Are We Not There, Yet?

In his Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science, Nielsen argues that networked digital tools, such as discussion boards and online marketplaces, can make it easier for scientists to pool their data, share methodologies, and find collaborators, and actually, … Continue reading

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Altmetrics in the Wild: Towards Creating a Live CV

The more scholars move their work online from where it was once ephemeral and hidden, the more they are integrating social media to their communication, the closer we are to telling what is the value that they themselves add to … Continue reading

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Share 2 Conference – The Revolution Will Not be Able to Stay at Home

“It’s remarkable how much the protest vanguards share.” (Time Person of the Year: The Protester) The Share Conference organizers are obviously from the future – the first year has brought us speakers from the Pirate Parties warning us about ontological … Continue reading

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Redefining Authority in Authorship: Future of Text is More Than Text

“Writing unfolds like a game that invariably goes beyond its own rules and transgresses its limits.” (Michel Foucault, What is an Author) Hans Dillaerts has recently posted a video to his Infodoc hub which aggregates such jewels for scholarly authors, … Continue reading

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Budapest 10 Years After: The World Knows What Open Access Is?

At the Budapest Open Access Initiative 10th Anniversary meeting that was held in Budapest on February 14th, Alma Swan, who also chaired the discussion, has chosen Peter Suber, Stevan Harnad and Heather Joseph from the group, to recap the main … Continue reading

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Metrics Remixed: The Times They Are a Webby

“See the mind at work and see the mind in work…” (from REMIXTHEBOOK review) “Until quite recently the complete justification for even the most complex scientific facts could be understood by a single person,” Michael Nielsen reminds us before describing … Continue reading

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Open Access on a String – Cut It and It Will Grow Back

The Federal Research Public Access Act was introduced to the White House on February, 9 by representatives Doyle, Yoder, and and Lacy Clay. Exactly what Research Works Act wanted to prohibit, the FRPAA would require, or the open access policies … Continue reading

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