Nielsen Talks About Open Science over Skype in Rijeka, Croatia

Rijeka welcomed Nielsen’s first Skype talk yesterday and his theme was, as usual, the benefits and obstacles to open science. From his apartment in Toronto, he gave an inspiring introduction to a possible second open science revolution for both students from the University Campus in Rijeka and InTech’s employees. With an extremely engaging tone, he proved once again an extraordinary speaker, one that deftly follows the track of his slides.

However, it was the content on that slides that encouraged a deeper reconsideration of how science is done today. Can open source principles be applied to solve scientific problems? Is an open project to normal research what driving is to pushing a car? Should we use the opportunity that internet offers us, to create a short-term working memory instead of a long-term one, and see the rapid collaborative development of ideas? Which projects succeeded and which failed to do so? Which institutions can act as a bridge between scientific community and society as a whole? What can be done by scientists?

Those and many other questions remain open to an interesting debate. It is worth to watch this 45 minute video and hopefully, you will find it as enjoying as we did seated in our chairs yesterday with the big shiny screen projecting endless ideas to our faces.

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