Creative Commons Turns Eight – Happy Birthday!

Instead of posting a birthday card for CC’s 8th birthday, I hereby present my favorite video on the importance of sharing, made by a Sparky Award winner, Habib Yazdi. The video is, of course, CC licensed. The first set of Creative Commons copyright licenses was released in December, 2002. To publish your work with a Creative Commons license today, you are free to choose from six main licenses offered on their website. CC licenses enable creators and researchers to choose what rights they wish or wish not to reserve for their work, and they enable them to skip the intermediaries, such as lawyers, in the publishing process. Finally, the licenses are made free of charge to the public. Good luck, Creative Commons, and hopefully, in 2016, when singing a happy birthday in public (in EU, at least) will not be a copyright infringement, you will be properly acclaimed.

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