New Office

InTech has moved to a new office. We are proud to present some photos of the place where new creative ideas about Open Access are yet to be contemplated, where new publishing process is yet to be devised and where new open repository is to be conserved. While constantly improving our publishing model, we are also improving our working environment.

The Branches

Our sine qua non guarding the entrance.

Book managers
Publishing Process Managers are responsible for a personal correspondence with InTech authors.

Marketing department has SEO specialists who constantly promote our authors’ work through other websites.

IT department offers technical assistance and is building our platform which serves as a digital repository for open data.

Our head designer created visual identity for our new office. Kudos.


A touch of nature.

Conference room
Conference Room

IT head
The brilliance of “less is more” factor.

LoungeRoom stairs
Stairway to Lounge Room.

Lounge Room.

Table Football
Lounge Room’s essence.

Empty Chair Waiting
We are expecting new members soon added to our personnel.

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