InTech Open Access Publisher – Top 10 Books and Top 10 Book Chapters for January

Fresh information about January’s top reading is now available. The InTechOpen Top 10 presents the most downloaded book chapters and book titles. On the following list meet the distinguished authors who attracted the widest readership last month.

Most Downloaded Books:

  1. 1.Nanomaterials

    Edited by: Mohammed Muzibur Rahman

  2. 2.Advances in Robotics, Automation and Control

    Advances in Robotics, Automation and Control
    Edited by: Jesus Aramburo and Antonio Ramirez Trevino

  3. 3.Heat Transfer - Engineering Applications

    Heat Transfer – Engineering Applications
    Edited by: Vyacheslav S. Vikhrenko

  4. 4.Ultrasound Imaging

    Ultrasound Imaging
    Edited by: Masayuki Tanabe

  5. 5.Schistosomiasis

    Edited by: Mohammad Bagher Rokni

  6. 6.Hydrodynamics - Advanced Topics

    Hydrodynamics – Advanced Topics
    Edited by: Harry Edmar Schulz, André Luiz Andrade Simões and Raquel Jahara Lobosco

  7. 7.Applications of MATLAB in Science and Engineering

    Applications of MATLAB in Science and Engineering
    Edited by: Tadeusz Michałowski

  8. 8.Digital Image Processing

    Digital Image Processing
    Edited by: Stefan G. Stanciu

  9. 10.Matlab - Modelling, Programming and Simulations

    Matlab – Modelling, Programming and Simulations
    Edited by: Emilson Pereira Leite

Most Downloaded Chapters:

  1. Electromyography Monitoring for Complete and Incomplete Transections of the Spinal Cord in Humans Who Received a Cell Therapy Combined with LASERPONCTURE® or LASERPONCTURE® Only: Methodology, Analysis, and Results

    Author: Albert Bohbot

  2. An Overview of Financial Aspect for Thermal Power Plants

    Author: Soner Gokten

  3. Impact of Shrimp Farming on Mangrove Forest and Other Coastal Wetlands: The Case of Mexico

    Authors: César Alejandro Berlanga-Robles, Arturo Ruiz-Luna and Rafael Hernández-Guzmán

  4. Efficient Algorithms for Finding Maximum and Maximal Cliques: Effective Tools for Bioinformatics

    Authors: Etsuji Tomita, Tatsuya Akutsu and Tsutomu Matsunaga

  5. Circularly Polarized Slotted/Slit-Microstrip Patch Antennas

    Authors: Nasimuddin, Zhi-Ning Chen and Xianming Qing

  6. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Potency for Cellular Therapeutic Transplantation

    Authors: Karen M. Hall, Holli Harper and Ivan N. Rich

  7. High-Speed VLSI Architecture Based on Massively Parallel Processor Arrays for Real-Time Remote Sensing Applications

    Authors: A. Castillo Atoche, J. Estrada Lopez, P. Perez Muñoz and S. Soto Aguilar

  8. Homeopathy: Treatment of Cancer with the Banerji Protocols

    Authors: Prasanta Banerji and Pratip Banerji

  9. Impact of the Carbon Allotropes on Cholesterol Domain: MD Simulation

    Authors: Zygmunt Gburski, Krzysztof Górny, Przemysław Raczyński and Aleksander Dawid

  10. Sediment Gravity Flows: Study Based on Experimental Simulations

    Author: Rafael Manica

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