InTech Open Access Publisher-Top 10 Books and Top 10 Book Chapters for December

Fresh information about December’s top reading is now available. The InTechOpen Top 10 presents the most downloaded book chapters and book titles. On the following list meet the distinguished authors who attracted the widest readership last month.

Most Downloaded Books:

  1. 1.Ultrasound Imaging

    Ultrasound Imaging
    Edited by: Masayuki Tanabe

  2. 2.Advances in Robotics, Automation and Control

    Advances in Robotics, Automation and Control
    Edited by: Jesus Aramburo and Antonio Ramirez Trevino

  3. 4.Matlab - Modelling, Programming and Simulations

    Matlab – Modelling, Programming and Simulations
    Edited by: Emilson Pereira Leite

  4. 5.Applications of MATLAB in Science and Engineering

    Applications of MATLAB in Science and Engineering
    Edited by: Tadeusz Michałowski

  5. 6.Principles in Contemporary Orthodontics

    Principles in Contemporary Orthodontics
    Edited by: Silvano Naretto

  6. 7.Heat Conduction - Basic Research

    Heat Conduction – Basic Research
    Edited by: Vyacheslav S. Vikhrenko

  7. 8.Earth and Environmental Sciences

    Earth and Environmental Sciences
    Edited by: Imran Ahmad Dar and Mithas Ahmad Dar

  8. 10.Applications of Digital Signal Processing

    Applications of Digital Signal Processing
    Edited by: Christian Cuadrado-Laborde

Most Downloaded Chapters:

  1. Explicit and Approximated Solutions for Heat and Mass Transfer Problems with a Moving Interface

    Author: Domingo Alberto Tarzia

  2. A Review of Thermoplastic Composites for Bipolar Plate Materials in PEM Fuel Cells

    Authors: Rungsima Yeetsorn, Michael W. Fowler and Costas Tzoganakis

  3. Segmentation and Stereoscopic Correspondence in Images Obtained with Omnidirectional Projection for Forest Environments

    Authors: Pedro Javier Herrera, Gonzalo Pajares, María Guijarro, José J. Ruz and Jesús M. De La Cruz

  4. Making a Healthy Living Space Through the Concept of Healthy Building of Building Medicine

    Author: Chih-Yuan Chang

  5. Application of GATES and MATLAB for Resolution of Equilibrium, Metastable and Non-Equilibrium Electrolytic Systems

    Author: Tadeusz Michałowski

  6. Influence of the Air Engine on Global Warming Issues – 21st Century Fuel Technology

    Authors: Bharat Raj Singh and Onkar Singh

  7. Arboreal Diversity of the Atlantic Forest of Southern Brazil: From the Beach Ridges to the Paraná River

    Authors: Maurício Bergamini Scheer and Christopher Thomas Blum

  8. Endocrine Delivery System of NK4, an HGF-Antagonist and Anti-Angiogenic Regulator, for Inhibitions of Tumor Growth, Invasion and Metastasis

    Authors: Shinya Mizuno and Toshikazu Nakamura

  9. Regenerative Orthopedics

    Authors: Christopher J. Centeno and Stephen J. Faulkner

  10. Macaque-Tropic HIV-1 Derivatives: A Novel Experimental Approach to Understand Viral Replication and Evolution in Vivo

    Authors: Masako Nomaguchi, Naoya Doi, Sachi Fujiwara and Akio Adachi

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