This Week in Science – Introducing a New Category

“Man was made at the end of the week’s work, when God was tired.” (Mark Twain)

We will take a small peek from our telescope at the end of our week’s work, and present a short selection of news in science that caught our attention. It is important to rethink science each week, and this is especially valued in the publishing world, and especially, again, among open access publishers who are at the moment, almost exclusively active in STM fields (science, technology, medicine). It is also important to access your leisure-reading material on Friday.

This week the study was published in The Journal of Neuroscience Research pointing to liver, and not brain as the possible source of the “amyloid” that deposits as brain plaques associated with Alzeheimer’s. In Ars Technica, they were getting at the full story behind the possible discovery of planet Tyche, four times bigger than Jupiter in the outer solar system. To test future rocket designs, NASA has put a giant aluminium can in its crusher – an interesting way to find sturdier materials which will not deform under the weight of a payload. Some new discoveries were made at the University of Pennsylvania regarding the making of graphene, the atomic-scale material that was the subject of 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. Finally, with the spring missed, the National Geographic has cheered us up with the selection of best rare bird pictures of 2010.

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