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Luck, Be a WorldCat! InTech Marks WorldCat’s Ten Millionth Milestone Record

OCLC is a nonprofit library service and research organization that has been providing computer-based cataloging, reference, resource sharing, eContent, preservation, library management and Web services to 71,000 libraries in 112 countries and territories since 1967. OCLC and its member libraries … Continue reading

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Libraries on the Web – Should They Strive to Become New Search Engines?

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. (Jose Louis Borges) When librarian happens to also be a writer, he imagines an infinite library, like Jorge Louis Borges did when he described one with books containing … Continue reading

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A Word On Michigan Library CC0 Initiative: Are We Blowing Wish Flowers?

John Wilkin, a librarian at the University of Michigan whose library recently dropped 700,000 books into the public domain with the CC Zero license, has made an interesting comment on this act. He compared bibliographic records made available all over … Continue reading

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