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Open Science on Quora: Why Are We Not There, Yet?

In his Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science, Nielsen argues that networked digital tools, such as discussion boards and online marketplaces, can make it easier for scientists to pool their data, share methodologies, and find collaborators, and actually, … Continue reading

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Selected Reading on Research Works Act – Why You Should Care?

If you can remember the SOPA strike (that day when Wikipedia went black), then it’s possible that you’ve checked the list of the SOPA supporters. You may have noticed, among others, the American Association of Publishers (AAP) and Elsevier, the … Continue reading

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Open Access as Humanitarian Aid: In Times of Disaster and Every Day

“Will you take this woman Matti Richards To be your awful wedded wife” (Dylan Thomas, Under Milkwood) We seem to refuse the idea of constant open access to research as we would hold on to a pillow in a nightmarish … Continue reading

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