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What a Tangled Web!

A former boss of mine used to say that organizations are like swans. If you look at a swan swimming on water, it looks beautiful and serene. But if you were able to see what was going on underwater, you … Continue reading

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Trinity College Gives Irish Blessing to Open Access – May the Luck of the Irish Enfold You

Probably the most exciting news during the Open Access Week 2010 is that of Dublin’s Trinity College providing free online access to its research. Trinity College has thus joined the outstanding pioneers of the OA movement on student campuses, MIT, … Continue reading

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Open Access on Gliese 581 g

Recently, a habitable exoplanet Gliese 581 g has been found and this notion stimulates a whole new set of ideas for a utopian community of Gliesians. The planet which is three times the mass of Earth is in a habitable … Continue reading

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Why Open Scientific Publishing is not the Thing of the Past

In 1960s, a dada artist named Ray Johnson established the New York Correspondence School (NYCS). He was a mail artist invading mailboxes everywhere with mail bunnies, imaginary fan clubs, and correspondence wordplays. Mail artists around the world embraced his idea … Continue reading

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