InTech Open Access Publisher – Top 10 Books and Top 10 Book Chapters for November

Fresh information about November’s top reading is now available. The InTechOpen Top 10 presents the most downloaded book chapters and book titles. On the following list meet the distinguished authors who attracted the widest readership last month.

Most Downloaded Books:

  1. 1.Ultrasound Imaging

    Ultrasound Imaging
    Edited by: Masayuki Tanabe

  2. 2.Advances in Robotics, Automation and Control

    Advances in Robotics, Automation and Control
    Edited by: Jesus Aramburo and Antonio Ramirez Trevino

  3. 4.Matlab - Modelling, Programming and Simulations

    Matlab – Modelling, Programming and Simulations
    Edited by: Emilson Pereira Leite

  4. 5.Bioinformatics - Trends and Methodologies

    Bioinformatics – Trends and Methodologies
    Edited by: Mahmood A. Mahdavi

  5. 6.Biomimetics Learning from Nature

    Biomimetics Learning from Nature
    Edited by: Amitava Mukherjee

  6. 7.Applications of MATLAB in Science and Engineering

    Applications of MATLAB in Science and Engineering
    Edited by: Tadeusz Michałowski

  7. 9.Adaptive Control

    Adaptive Control
    Edited by: Kwanho You

  8. 10.Hydrodynamics - Optimizing Methods and Tools

    Hydrodynamics – Optimizing Methods and Tools
    Edited by: Harry Edmar Schulz, André Luiz Andrade Simões and Raquel Jahara Lobosco

Most Downloaded Chapters:

  1. Renewable Energy from Palm Oil Empty Fruit Bunch

    Authors: Somrat Kerdsuwan and Krongkaew Laohalidanond

  2. Perforated Duodenal Ulcer in High Risk Patients

    Author: Aly Saber

  3. Honey and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Mamdouh Abdulrhman, Mohamed El Hefnawy, Rasha Ali and Ahmad Abou El-Goud

  4. Supercritical Fluid Application in Food and Bioprocess Technology

    Authors: K. Khosravi-Darani and M. R. Mozafari

  5. Sodium and Hemodialysis

    Authors: Matthew Gembala and Satish Kumar

  6. Gene Therapy of Some Genetic Diseases by Transferring Normal Human Genomic DNA into Somatic Cells and Stem Cells from Patients

    Author: Liting Song

  7. Adverse Effects of Drugs and Toxins on the Liver

    Author: Jan Schjøtt

  8. European Naturalists and Medicinal Plants of Brazil

    Authors: Maria G. L. Brandão, Cristiane F. F. Grael and Christopher W. Fagg

  9. Gas Safety for TFT-LCD Manufacturing

    Authors: Eugene Y. Ngai and Jenq-Renn Chen

  10. Herbal Treatment of Peptic Ulcer: Guilty or Innocent

    Author: Khaled A. Abdel-Sater

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