So Light It Almost Beats a Feather: The Wonderful World of Nanomaterials

“The new material redefines the limits of lightweight materials because of its unique “micro-lattice” cellular architecture. The researchers were able to make a material that consists 99.99% of air by designing the 0.01% solid at the nanometer, micron and millimetre scales.” (Dr. Tobias Schaedler of HRL Laboratories)

A material mostly consisting of air? Now that’s something to expand on. The news has been out for about a week and probably you heard about it already, but what does that actually mean?

New Nano Metal

New Nano Metal

Unprecedented mechanical behaviour for a metal, to start with. In fact, this little new wonder nano material can bounce back and recover completely from compression as well as absorb high levels of acoustic or vibrational energy, all that while not even crushing the seeds of a dandelion if put on it.

Nanoceuticals Slim Shake Chocolate

Nanoceuticals Slim Shake Chocolate

What most people might not be aware of, is the amazing rate of development, research and commercialization of various nanotechnology applications. Thinking about some of the most peculiar ones, in your local supermarket you might spot Nanotea soon, a tea with nano particles, or Nanoceuticals Slim Shake Chocolate, where cocoa infused “nano-clusters” are used to enhance the taste of cocoa without adding extra sugar. Nanotechnology can also be used in the production, processing, safety and packaging of food.

On top of that, in sports nano materials can be used for equipment like shoes, making them lighter and resulting in footballers or athletes being faster on the field.

The same nano principles and characteristics can be applied to virtually any industry; vehicle manufacturers can build faster but lighter and safer cars, the same applies to aircrafts, quantum computers based on complex quantum algorithms and using nanotechnology are already on the way. In medicine improvements based on nano science have been made in diagnostic devices, contrast agents for treating cancer, physical therapy applications and drug delivery. And the list goes on.

So are you ready to spot the next great nano application which might change your everyday life? Better be on the lookout as the nano revolution has just started and the best innovations are yet to come.

Note: all information regarding the latest nano applications can be fount at

To know more about the latest scientific advancements in Nanotechnology read, share, and download for free InTech’s latest publications in the field:

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Biomaterials Applications for Nanomedicine, edited by Rosario Pignatello,  Nov. 2011

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  1. It will be interesting to see just how far nano technology goes within the medical and therapy industries. I’ll have to research this further, perhaps even post an article on my own website BC Therapists. Thanks for the information.

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