Share Open Access Worldwide: A Reflexive Documentary Coming Soon!

SHOW 2011 (share/openaccess/worldwide) was the first-of-its-kind event to celebrate Open Access Week in Croatia, organized by InTech’s Katarina Lovrecic and Ana Nodilo at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

We tried to catch a glimpse of the future age where sharing is done digitally, information can flow freely and we can decide to either build barriers to contain it or give open access to share it – worldwide. We have seen ideas floating among students and have preserved them in a jar. Now we want to open this jar, share it with you and start up a story.

Coming soon to your collection of videos with no rights reserved – a SHOW documentary will reflect on how students in Croatia were introduced to the Copyleft movement, Creative Commons licensing, Open Projects, Open Content movement, Open Access movement and the Right to Research Coalition action. Stay tuned, for we may offer you a New Year Surprise and include you in a conversation about a chance for the world of open values.

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