SHOW Art Exhibition: Stuck With Copyright? Not.

The people decided on the SHOW winner.

For the SHOW event that was to celebrate Open Access Week in Croatia, we have invited Art Academy students to show us the meaning of liberating information in a form of a painting, sculpture, photography or digital animation. The whole time during the SHOW the four selected artworks were exhibited at the faculty staircase where most of the debates, round tables and presentations took place. All works fitted supremely into the concept and helped us paint our message in pictures.

ShowArt organizers, Silvia Vlaše and Mia Dević inform us of the following:

“We have received four artworks that were exhibited in the Atrium of the Faculty of humanities and Social Sciences the whole time during the SHOW.

Representing in different ways the meaning of intellectual property and free flow of information, the artworks were evaluated by the people who attended the event.

The Winning Artwork by Filip Badurina: Stuck With Copyright - “The weight represents the ownership of an idea or the intellect, a body that dictates how high an idea can rise, how much will it grow and in which direction.”

Having voted, the people decided that the best representative of the idea was Filip Badurina’s “Stuck with Copyright” which received 45,88% of total votes.

The second was the drawing on paper titled “0100110” by Sanja Stojkovic, with 24,7% of votes. Kristina Pongrac’s “From Left to Right”, india ink drawing on paper was third and “Free Information” by Viktor Funcic, displayed on a computer screen was fourth, with 15,29% and 14,12% of votes respectively. The authors names were undisclosed during the exhibition in order for the people’s selection to be as unbiased as possible.

Dealing with evolution of knowledge, focusing on the overall confusion of the modern world caused by the easily accessible vastness of information and at the same time reflecting on the need to share in order to develop and reach new heights, the artists made a unique whole and succeeded in summing up all the main issues related to the flow of information and intellectual property today.

ShowArt organizers would like to thank all the authors for participating in the event and we hope you will join us next year as well.”

Feel free to enjoy the ShowArt exhibits like we all did on October 26th-27th:

Kristina Pongrac - From Left to Right - “If not nurtured, how is a life of enlightenment attainable?”

Free Information by Viktor Funcic - “Stylized human form, constructed of simple geometric shapes, symbolizes unbound energy and freedom.”

100110 by Sanja Stojkovic - “By placing it publicly an information comes to life, unpredictably changing its shape and form. How can anyone then claim to own it?”

Indeed, how can anyone claim to own it?

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