Thank you for the SHOW, Rijeka!

Introducing Mia Maček, one of our copywriters and one of SHOW runners who has just set out these impressions for everyone who attended the SHOW (or regret that they didn’t)…

Did you enjoy the SHOW? We are not taking you to burger & fries, not fish & chips, but we would like to continue the conversation.

As you all probably know, this Wednesday and Thursday Show 11 took place at the Faculty of Humanities an Social Sciences in Rijeka, Croatia. It was the first Open Access Week event in Croatia. We (InTech) organized it. Any narcissism in this sentence is absolutely intended.

SHOW stands for Share – Open Access – Worldwide and this is what we tried to do in our local community by providing students and everyone interested with lectures, debates and presentations on Open Access, copyright, copyleft, intellectual property and many other related topics.

We think the event was a success. Considering the circumstances, it was actually a huge success. People came, information was shared in the spirit of the event, the round tables were really dynamic, the film projections very interesting. However, since we may be perhaps slightly partial, do feel free to correct us. Any comment and feedback is appreciated. Or to say it once again, did you enjoy the SHOW?

To give you a little help, here is a list of some highlights of the two-day event as we see them.

– There was a great response from the audience, especially during the debates/round tables. The turnout could have been better, but the ones who came were really interested

– Lots of people came to the stand and were interested in finding out about InTech and Open Access. You have to appreciate the girls’ enthusiasm in explaining all about InTech to students who came to the stand. Please note that the girls were students themselves, not employed by InTech

– The cooperation with the University was very successful. Lecture room #6 – WOW! Mr. Janitor, thanks for not yelling at us *too much* for not putting the tables away after the first day

– Lots of signatures on the petition (don’t have the exact numbers yet)

– The second part of the last day was most successful in engaging people and involving them in the project. After the debate on digital music and copyright in the digital era everyone was in a good mood and they stayed to hang out with music/video presentation from Ducks records, which provided a great environment to discuss the past two days’ events in a more personal tone.

– Ivan Sarar (procelnik za kulturu Grada Rijeke – no idea how to translate this) was very satisfied with the project and wants to involve the city of Rijeka in InTech’s future projects

– The book download application was a success. Unfortunately, the students from the University of humanities didn’t have much use for STM books, but they were really happy to send them to their friends.

Have something to add? Disagree in some point? Please, do share. You know, sharing is…

And now for the formal part. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for participating in Show11. And when I say thank you, I don’t mean ‘thank you for your email’ kind of thank you, I mean – THANK YOU. To those who carried heavy stuff, to those who dealt with electronics, to those who contributed their ideas, to those who were kind, to those who came just for the party, to those who came just for the lectures, to those who asked provocative questions (also at the party), to those who supported, to those who poured the drinks, to those who guarded the computers, to those who talked, to those who listened, to those who didn’t care what time it was when they left for home.

Since the organizing committee (Ana and Katarina) are at this point sitting across me still trying to keep their eyes open, allow me to say this in their name and the whole team’s and my own:

We made us proud.


Since I am the one in the text who obviously needs to sleep on this and dream an open access dream, I declare the text an assessment for the SHOW, a fitful one to wait for the full review to be done. I second those thank-yous and the feeling of success and joy. Stay tuned for the photos, video clips (or even a movie), art works and stats that will soon support our words.

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