How Genotoxic Are We? Let The Government Tell You

First issue of new journal exploring the subject launched

Have you ever thought about what lies on your food plate during dinner time? Yes, it is food indeed. But what really hides underneath it?

International Food Risk Analysis Journal

International Food Risk Analysis Journal

InTech has an answer for you:  poisonous and cancerogenic substances perhaps, and our new,  International Food Risk Analysis Journal promises to investigate the issue thoroughly, making it all available in French as well.

To inform its broad readership of academics, professionals, and researchers in the field about the latest developments on food safety, InTech embarked on this brand new project with the likes of the Food Directorate at Health Canada,  and Food Standards Australia/New Zealand on board.

Salmonella Bacteria

Salmonella Bacteria

Among other, the first issue of the journal puts its focus on carcinogenic food contaminants and salmonella enteriditis contamination, intently challenging the current regulations on food safety and questioning the level of human exposure to DNA-reactive carcinogens. Quite righteously. In fact, the World Health Organisation  reports that in industrialised countries up to 30% of populations suffer from foodborne diseases each year caused by viruses contracted through food, such as salmonellosis or Hepatits A. As for carcinogens, a recent USA Today article  placed its attention on revealing that the American Cancer Society  estimated a striking 6% dying from cancer related to food additives and chemical pesticides.

If the above mentioned articles state that that some food contaminants cannot be destroyed by thermal processing, how much more water under the dam has to flow before we know what really lies on our plates during dinner time? Hopefully InTech and Health Canada are working on an answer for you.

To start reading the journal please follow the link below:

International Food Risk Analysis Journal

Also, IFRAJ is now accepting submissions from perspective authors to be considered for publication and included in the future issues of the journal.

If, as they say, we are what we eat, we better start re-thinking about the quality of our food before we actually become poison ourselves.


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