InTech at the Hartera Festival – A T-Shirt for Your Thought!

A T-Shirt for your Thought!

Hartera music festival uses an old paper factory set in Rijeka, Croatia, to turn it into a three-day-mecca for musicians, students, young sculptors, photographers and painters and, this weekend exclusively, for our open access advocates.

We have set up a booth at the festival with T-shirts, badges, bags and bookmarks that promote the idea of the free flow of knowledge as well as InTech’s open access publishing model. We are giving out the material in exchange for a thought of yours, favorite quote, a doodle, or a hint. The thoughts are posted to a huge blackboard and are protected with the Creative Commons licenses.

The thoughts are posted to a huge blackboard and protected with the CC licenses.

Many passers-by have expressed strong interest in the idea of the free exchange of knowledge, the possibility to download, read and share books freely, and especially in a global scale that the open access movement has spread to.

We have selected some photos for display purposes of our experiment. Come and visit us today and tomorrow, share a thought and take a badge, a bag or a T-shirt from us!

Badges, bags and bookmarks - Knowledge Unlocked

Setting up InTech's booth

Spontaneous Installation

Festival People Sharing their Thoughts with Us

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