Loosing Track of Everything? New Technologies Solve It for You

InTech launches its newest Journal’s first issue in Radio Frequency Identification and Wireless  Sensor Networks

Today,  Open  Access  publisher  InTech  launches  its   most   recent, groundbreaking Journal’s first issue in the International Journal of Radio Frequency Identification & Wireless Sensor Networks, under  the  label  FREE  FOR  ALL,  available  to  access  online, download  free  of  charge,  and  submit  manuscripts,  no  fees  levied.

Under the editorship of Dr. Cristina Turcu, also the editor of four RFID and WSN books published by InTech with a total of + 7500 downloads worldwide, the Journal covers new developments in RFID and WSN technologies, most of which will be quite interesting to a broader audience of tech savvy readers.

When thinking of some of the current applications of RFID technology it is only fair to recognize its future potential in changing the way we track virtually anything, people, objects, maybe even your lost cat you have been looking for months. Asset tracking and people tracking systems based on RFID technologies have been used to easily locate, through special tags, the   whereabouts  of  a  certain  document,  or   the activity of a patient within a hospital, as well as some jail  facilities  across  the  US  already use   RFID    to monitor the movements of their inmates. And we are only  at  the  beginning  of  revolutionising   tracking systems, a tiny area of research within  the  dynamic field  of  RFID  and  WSN. RFID  and  WSN  concern literally  every  environment  as  it  enables  to  read  information from reading tags and microchips virtually anywhere, givin to a rapid collection of required data. We are in the throes of a chip and sensor based revolution. Are we tracking it?


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pr online manager at InTech
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