Dive Into HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim, With Illustrations from the Public Domain

"Implementations and specifications have to do a delicate dance together."

Mark Pilgrim, Google’s software developer and an advocate of free software, author of books such as Dive Into Python and Dive Into Accessibility, for programmers and web designers, has recently finished his research into HTML5. His new book, Dive Into HTML5 is CC BY licensed and illustrated from the Public Domain, and freely available on the web.

With introductory thoughts on HTML5, the book explains main features of the HTML5 framework. By ‘diving into’ HTML5 we are one step closer to Berner-Lee‘s dream of semantic web, a “web [in which computers] become capable of analyzing all the data on the Web – the content, links, and transactions between people and computers.” When this happens, Berner-Lee explained in 1999, “the day-to-day mechanisms of trade, bureaucracy and our daily lives will be handled by machines talking to machines.” Even if this vision seems upsetting at moments, who knows in what amazing directions it may lead us.

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