InTech Partners with Gecom Concoord

We are pleased to announce that InTech, a leading Open Access publisher in the fields of Science, Medicine and Technology has been appointed official partner of the GECOM CONCOORD 2011 congress in organometalic and coordination complex chemistry, which will take place in Merlimont, France from May 15th to 20th.

The GECOM CONCOORD is an annual appointment taking place since 1993, when the association of “Consultants in Coordination Complex Chemistry” (COONCORD) and the “Researchers in Organometallic Chemistry” (GECOM), respectively in their 23rd and 20th year of activity, joined forces to strike fertile ground for the exchange of knowledge and partnerships between talented researchers and the more established ones in the field.

InTech, in its mission to support innovative research and talented academics and scientists, will take an active role at this year’s congress promoting Open Access publishing for ground-breaking research material in the field of Chemistry and beyond, looking out for talented authors for future collaboration and developing new ideas with the scope of advancing science and inspiring others to join in our battle to disseminate free knowledge.

 To receive more details on GECOM COONCORD 2011, don’t hesitate to contact us as we will be pleased to inform you on all of our activities and answer all your enquiries.


About Ana Nodilo

pr online manager at InTech
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