Share Conference: Open Access Today – Presentation Now Available

We participated at the Share Conference in Belgrade, Serbia from April 7-9 and held a short presentation on Open Access Today. We present here our slides in full. Following a quick introduction to open access publishing model, we have tried to explain the importance of opening up access to scientific research which includes:

  • Open Researchers
  • Open Students
  • Open Librarians
  • Open Repositories
  • Open Law
  • Open Source Software

The main idea was that such open research is possible today due to open standards of internet protocols and internet technology, and that such research is the research as useful as possible; collaborative, in a digital format, harvestable, quoted, research that is not final, that can be built upon and that has not all rights reserved for authors or publishers.

The Share Conference in Belgrade has welcomed lecturers such as Bruce Sterling, science fiction writer, Rafe Kaplan from Google, Samir Allioui from the Dutch Pirate Party, Jaroslav Valuch, one of the Crisis Mappers, Marin Šarić from Google Books, Chris Csikszentmihályi from MIT Media Lab and many other brilliant, curious and sharing minds. The warming atmosphere powered by Share by Day and Share by Night experience, has made our intellectual achievement in a digital age almost tangible.

Sara Uhac and Katarina Lovrecic, Share Conference, Belgrade

Sara Uhac and Katarina Lovrecic, Share Conference, Belgrade

Thank you for the inspiration, Belgrade!

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