InTech Office – Moving Back to Where It All Began

Open access technology, now the backbone of a global scale publishing revolution, was once merely an idea that was floated by students on campuses and taken up by a small number of their college professors. Open access to papers in science, technology and medicine is now a fast-growing reality for the new generation of scholars. InTech, as an Open Access publisher, constantly inspired by this notion, has finally overgrown its old office and has set up a new one in the Science and Technology Park at the University Campus in Rijeka.

Science and Technology Park, University Campus, Rijeka

A closer View of Our Office

Inside the Office: Editorial Team Having Lunch

Inside the Office: Publishing Team

The division wall

Publishing Process Managers at Work

Publishing Process Managers at the Window Sill

Marketing Team - Where Plants Grow on the Table

IT Team - No Plants Growing There

The Heads - They Make Both Heads and Tails of Our Process

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