What Should I Do Next? – InTech Publishing Process

First thing that you should ask yourself when wondering what is next in publication process is where you are at. If you are publishing with InTech you can check the next step by checking this answer.

The answers and corresponding ”next steps” are presented below.

A: I have accepted to participate in InTech’s book project.

NS: You are asked to upload an abstract 1 to 4 pages long. The abstract should include
short description of themes that you plan to cover in your chapter or just a short outline of key ideas.

A: I have finished my abstract.

NS: You should upload it on your User panel and begin your Timeline.

A: I have uploaded my abstract.

NS: You will soon be notified whether your paper has been accepted or rejected for

A: I have received Notification of Acceptance.

NS: Joined to the notification you will receive a deadline for writing the full chapter,
usually 16 to 26 pages long.

A: I have received Notification of Rejection.

NS: You can try again with a different approach or you can wait for a theme which will suit better your current research.

A: I have finished writing my chapter and uploaded it on my User panel.

NS: You should wait for a feedback from both book editor and technical editor.

A: I have received my First Proof Form.

NS: This is a great opportunity to improve your content. By filling in the Amendment Form available on your panel, you can add or remove material paragraph by paragraph.

A: I have uploaded my Amendment form.

NS: Your chapter will now be prepared for print. However, you will be able to give it a final glance in a Second Proof Form.

A: I have received my Second Proof Form.

NS: This is the last chance to suggest minor changes. If there aren’t any, send the proof
back and your book will soon be sent to you by express mail.

A: I have received a package from InTech.

NS: Open it up, unpack your book and read it. Enjoy being both the author of one of the
chapters and the only holder of the copyright.

A: The book is published, but I thought of something to add to it.

NS: You can still refresh your book by adding video, audio or presentation material to
it’s online version and it will be uploaded with no additional charges.

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