InTech Book Chapter Nomination – How It Works?

So you have been nominated to write a book chapter for Intech? How?

InTech has an Editorial Board with experts in specific scientific fields which are monitoring the latest scientific studies and advances. After choosing themes which are relevant to the development of science today, they start a selection process in search of most outstanding authors in the field. They gather information and papers from publicly available scientific databases, like Scopus, read through the material and choose scientists which match the following criteria:

  • strong publication history
  • strong quality of the source
  • strong ISI record
  • strong relevance of research

After selection InTech sends invites prospective authors about the book project and propose a collaboration. In a way, InTech challenges scientists to advance their own scientific research in order to advance their careers.

Authors that wish to make later submissions of their manuscripts are invited to submit
their scientific CV or they are sometimes recommended by their colleagues scientists. InTech assures that all confidentiality agreements have been respected.

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