60-Second Science Blog

The 60-Second Science series was created, according to their staff, with the intention of providing audience with bite-size, consume-in-one-minute pieces of scientific coverage.

There are five blog categories which cover different themes in order to provide a better selection for the readers:

  1. Observations: Opinions, Arguments & Analyses from the editors of Scientific American
  2. Bering in Mind: A Research Psychologist’s Curious Look at the Human Mind
  3. Extinction Countdown: News and Research about Endangered Species from around the World
  4. Solar at Home: The Trials, Tribulations and Rewards of Going Solar
  5. Expeditions: Field Notes from the Far Reaches of Exploration

Members are encouraged to comment on topics and to be actively engaged in forming the flow of scientific knowledge which is branching out from basic science into knowledge of space, evolution, energy, mind&brain, medicine and technology.

The blog is directly connected to Scientific American magazine, the oldest continuously published magazine in the U.S. More than 140 Nobel laureates have written for Scientific American. In addition to the likes of Albert Einstein, Francis Crick, Jonas Salk and Linus Pauling, Scientific American continues to attract esteemed authors from many fields.

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