Open Access Repositories – What are Repositories?

Repository (publishing), real or virtual facility for the deposit of academic publications such as academic journal articles
Having your work stored in a safe and available location on the web, brings many benefits for Open Access contributors. The role of these repositories is to ensure collection, preservation, and dissemination of the intellectual production of an institution, most often a research institution.

The main goals for having the institutional repositories:

  • to provide open access to research
  • to create world-wide visibility of research
  • to keep material in one location
  • to compile and preserve other digital material, often unpublished material

The most precious and cherished possessions we have are often kept in the safe place out of reach of other people. However, the difference between such places and Open Access repositories is that the latter is always available and easy to reach for anyone interested in latest institutional research and results.

The online repositories are here to keep safe your research for future generations, for researchers and students and anyone interested in your topic in order to disseminate your knowledge and your expertise. For further reading and research we suggest you visit ROAR – Registry of Open Access Repositories.

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