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With The Loom we open the series of popular science blogs we like. Even though we are into “serious” scientific publishing, every once in a while we like to check out more popular blogs about science.

Carl Zimmer is a popular science writer and blogger, especially regarding the study of evolution and parasites. He has written several books, the most recent of which is “The Tangled Bank: An Introduction To Evolution”. Richly illustrated with paintings and photographs, it is the first textbook about evolution intended for non-majors. In addition to writing books, Zimmer contributes articles to the New York Times, as well as magazines including National Geographic, Time, Scientific American, Science, and Popular Science. He also writes an award-winning blog, The Loom.

The Loom belongs to a collection of blogs related to science from Discover magazine. Discover is an American science magazine that publishes articles about science for a general audience. The other blogs from the collection are:

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