About Open Access – Boosting Your Impact and Increasing the Visibility

The web is never-ending and publishing online not only multiplies the possible number of your readers, but it sheds new light on you. Your readers can be anyone in the world with an Internet access and their downloads add another mark to the importance of your work.
How can you make your material more available to your readers? Boosting the impact and citation rates of your chapter is not only publisher’s task. Every author who decides to publish their research with an Open Access publisher can take its destiny in his or her own hand. You can paste the location link of your publication to your personal pages, your social community networks profile, your blog…the possibilities are endless and invite your colleagues, fellow researchers, students and friends to read your contribution to the scientific community. They will reward you with the best possible result – your research will come out of the dark of your study room and swim in the ocean of knowledge.
As Elena Giglia says in her article The Impact Factor of Open Access Journals: data and trends “Science is a gift‐based economy; value is defined as  the  degree  to  which  one’s  ideas have  contributed  to  knowledge  and impacted  the  thinking  of  others.” You have worked hard to gain and improve the knowledge you have on a certain topic, and the most rewarding part of possessing a knowledge is sharing it with others. You can help yourself by helping others reach your level of knowledge and in that way improve and grow further. Acquiring knowledge is a life-long process and it would be a shame to leave this world without even having the opportunity to share it with others. Let people see what you know, teach them and show them the way to growth. Increase the importance of your research by posing as a guiding light to newcomers.
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