InTech and Open Access Facts

The first free scientific online archive was started in 1991 by Paul Ginsparg. In 1997, the US National Library of Medicine made Medline, the most comprehensive index to medical literature, freely available in the form of PubMed. Today, at the end of the Open Access publishing timeline, InTech stands as a multidisciplinary Open Access publisher of journals and books covering fields of Science, Technology and Medicine with more than 350 books already accessible to scientific world of researches.
All three barriers from subscription-based publishing model are removed:
  • Financial Barrier: All contents published in InTech journals, book, and conferences are immediately available online for FREE
  • Technical Barrier: The internet connection is the only requirement. To search through database you don’t even have to register.
  • Legal Barrier: All InTech works are published under Creative Commons licenses to legally share and download Open Access material
OA journal may or may not charge a processing fee. When OA journals do charge processing fees, it is the author’s employer or research funder who typically pays the fee, not the individual author. Also, many journals will waive the fee in cases of financial constraints. This is the case of InTech which charges the processing fee, and belongs to a ”gold” route of Open Access publishing which doesn’t stand for ”gold-diggers”. Any publication has certain “fixed” costs, such as organizational costs, servers, personnel, layout, text formatting, cover designs etc. Also, all researchers benefit from Open Access since no library can afford to subscribe to every scientific journal while subscription rates ( to scholarly journals continue to increase.
Last but not the least, when publishing with InTech, the author remains the only holder of the copyright. Most universities realize the importance of keeping the copyright to their written work. Scholars write journals because advancing knowledge in their fields advances their careers. They write for impact, not for money.
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